Fliquor Bean Coffee Infused Whiskey

Our whiskey, distilled in California, acquires all of its smokey flavor from hand selected, forest fire ravaged Oak. Our coffee is custom-roasted by a micro-batch company in Los Angeles to fit Fliquor Bean's taste profiles.

Fliquor Bean is a blend of small batch American whiskey made from 100% corn mash and select micro-batch coffees from South America.

Bottle of Fliquor Bean Coffee Infused Whiskey

Fliquor Bean was born out of necessity. Pouring whiskey into coffee for our everyday pick-us-up just wasn't cutting it so we took to the kitchen. What we found was that the water used to brew coffee was tasteless and irrelevant. So, we kicked water out the kitchen and began experimenting with various brewing techniques, coffees and whiskeys. After enduring the highly demanding task of taste testing each eye widening batch, we found the perfect match.

Fliquor Bean is the first and only whiskey infused coffee. Ever. There are only two fine ingredients: whiskey and coffee. No sugar, no flavorings. Our 100% certified organic coffee comes from Mexico's largest coffee farmer confederation, CoNaProMex. Our coffee is custom roasted by a local micro roaster based in Los Angeles to mingle perfectly with our pure California whiskey.

The proprietary, all natural method of infusing our coffee and whiskey takes time and patience. The result of our toil is a quality, craft product unlike anything on the market today. One shot of our whiskey infused coffee has the same caffeine content as cup of coffee, which makes for a remarkable new libation that you must experience for yourself.

Batch #1

Photo of Mayan Winds coffee company

The Beans

Mayan Winds is a small coffee company which was created in the spirit of empowerment. The company is focused on helping the poor and historically oppressed indigenous peoples of southern Mexico earn self sufficiency through sustainable farming practices that are 100% certified organic.

Mayam Winds offers a wide variety of Arabica and Robusta beans - Always 100% shade grown, naturally cultivated, processed and imported directly by indigenous coffee growers CONAPROMEX (Confederacion Nacional de Prouctores Mexicanos, S.A. DE C.V.) These farmers work unbelievably hard to offer you coffees with truly amazing flavors. If you are looking for a unique taste experience, look no further than Mayan winds.

Photo of Bowen's Whiskey

The Whiskey

Based in Bakersfield, CA, Bowen's Whiskey learned a secret proprietary recipe from Old Bud, a fifth-generation moonshiner dating back to the American Whiskey Rebellion. “Making whiskey is not a process but an art,” said Bud. This is American whiskey, with a distinct campfire smoke finish. It will remind you of hiking, trails, tents, and the great outdoors.

Bowen's Whiskey, a true artisan whiskey, is made from 100% corn, cut to proof with a proprietary, structured micro-clustered water to bring out the grain's complex nuance. Natural, forest fire charred oak, hand-selected during the expeditions into the Piute Mountains of central California, provides the whiskey its unique smoky, campfire flavor.

Photo of Demitasse Cafe's Roaster

The Roaster

We chose Demitasse Cafe, a local roaster here in Los Angeles to work with us because they work only in micro batches and are obsessed with details. Experts in sourcing and roasting, they are able to roast for particular characteristics. Trying to find the best roast for the particular characteristics of their coffee is what they live and breath for. If it's a chocolate note or a fruit note, they bring that out and minimize the taste of the roast.

Demitasse's head roaster, Andy Stockton, lover of coffee, beer, and whiskey was the expert chosen to find the perfect bean and roast to fit the profile of our sweet American Whiskey Coffee. We think he hit the mark for our first batch of Fliquor Bean.


Craft Beverages

Bar Menu

Morning Commute
1.5oz Fliquor, 1oz Frangelico, 1.5oz Baileys

Flipped Pillow
Half Fliquor/ Half Ginger Beer

2oz Fliquor, 1oz Milk, Splash of Water and Simple Syrup
Crassy Dog
2oz Fliquor, 1oz Rootbeer Schnapps, 1oz Coke

Drunk Nanny
2oz Fliquor, 2oz Vanilla, 2oz Creme De Coca

Fliquorbean 52
1oz Fliquor, 1oz Grand Marnier, 1/2oz Baileys

Barista Menu

Fliquor Latte
1.5 OZ Fliquor and Steamed Milk

Fliquor Mocha
1.5 OZ Fliquor, 15 Grams Chocolate Sauce, Steam Milk in a 12 OZ Cup

Fliquor Chai
1.5 OZ Fliquor, 6 OZ Chai Concentrate, Steamed with 5 OZ of Milk
1.5 OZ Fliquor, 1 OZ Vanilla Syrup, 4 OZ Half & Half (Shaken in ice to fill 16 OZ cup)

Black & Styled Iced Coffee
4 OZ Fliquor, 2 OZ Water, 1 OZ Cane Syrup, Slash of Cream

Cocktail Bar Menu

.5oz Fliquor, 1.5 oz Bourbon, 1oz Sweet Vermouth, 2 dashes Angostura

Fliquor Buck
1oz Fliquor, 1oz Vodka, .5oz Lime Juice, Ginger Beer

Coffee Sour
1oz Fliquor, 1oz Bourbon, .75 Lemon Juice, .75 Simple Syrup, .5 Egg White
Add ingredients to shaker, dry shake w/o ice, shake with ice, strain into chilled glass, garnish with whole coffee beans

Fliquor Tiki
.5oz Fliquor, 1.5oz Aged Rum, 1oz Pineapple Juice, .5oz Limes Juice, .5oz Velvet Falernum
Shake with ice, strain into rocks glass, garnish with pineapple leaves


Fliquor Bean is an LA-based startup that's been working since 2013 to help coffee lovers get better at, well, getting correct

What makes Fliquor Bean LA's next great coffee drink? Whiskey.

Could coffee infused whiskey be the new bloody mary?

It makes sense that someone's also working on hacking Irish coffee, too.

And you can amp your weekend brunch up to a whole new level with it, too

But adding booze to the black stuff yourself is just exhausting. There has to be a better way.

The sample bottle was filled with unicorn tears, angel's breath, ambrosia.

Acknowledging that coffee and alcohol have been (mega) successfully mixed before (Irish Coffee, anyone?), Los Angeles-based Fliquor Bean is making coffee-infused whiskey.

The Fliquor Bean coffee start-up company has come up with a unique way of improving coffee liquor


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